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Enabling economic opportunity and prosperity for all is at the heart of our purpose. Through our technology, we’re paving the path forward for a more equitable economy by enabling sellers to tap markets that were once out of reach. With just a simple internet connection, anyone can participate in a global marketplace on eBay, where they can gain access to vast economic opportunity.

Retail Revival: Helping Small Businesses Thrive

Our innovative Retail Revival program helps train local business owners to sell their unique inventory in a global marketplace, while strengthening ties within their local business community.

Retail Revival celebrates Austin artisans by turning their craft into global businesses.

eBay’s Export Revival program brings sustainable economic opportunity to small Greek businesses.

Retail Revival brings Baton Rouge retailers the tools and resources they need to expand their businesses globally.

Meet Kara Pendl of Karakotta Ceramics, who sells beautiful handmade pieces on eBay.

Bulgarian seller Lina Andreas brought her family’s 20 year-old soap business on to eBay and sells a variety of scented products to customers worldwide.

Good for Cities

Cities need their local businesses to grow, create jobs, and expand their footprint in the community.

We partner with city leaders to empower their local retailers to take full advantage of the digital marketplace and access new customers around the world. This work is done in tandem with existing efforts to foster entrepreneurship and stimulate economic growth. There is no cost to the host cities or retailers to participate in the Retail Revival program.

With active support from each of the partner cities, eBay recruits, vets, and selects local applicants who are best poised for success on the platform. The 60-80 accepted businesses are then provided onboarding support, training, education, and coaching from a dedicated eBay team.

Throughout the program year, eBay shines a spotlight on each Retail Revival partner city through ongoing marketing and media outreach. Eager to support their successes both on and off the platform, we also work with relevant local organizations to provide “wrap around” services to the participants.

These partnerships can also create additional opportunities between eBay and our host cities. For example, where we can, we hire local program managers and vendors to help execute the Retail Revival program on the ground. In 2018, after the successful launch of Retail Revival in Akron, Ohio, eBay selected Akron as the first US location of our formal work-from-home program,?eBay@Home, which brought nearly 300 full-time jobs with benefits to the city.

Good for the Economy

Small to medium businesses, like those participating in the Retail Revival program, are essential to economic prosperity beyond their communities.

According to a survey among eBay’s six million commercial and full-time US sellers, small businesses on eBay employ more than 690,000 people in the US, and more than a third of these sellers come from small towns and rural areas.

Online commerce enables businesses of any size and location to open new avenues for revenue and growth beyond their immediate geography. The vast majority of sellers we surveyed—80 percent—say that selling on eBay enabled them to start their ecommerce business, and a third also operate a local brick-and-mortar store along with their online business.

eBay empowers these businesses to reach customers worldwide (which 63 percent say they do) while keeping jobs close to home.

“People can live where they work,” said Grace Kontur, founder of Kontur Wood Works, one of the businesses participating in Retail Revival in Akron. “People can enjoy their community?and also make money?while being part of a global community and economy that’s never been possible before.”

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Small businesses help keep Austin weird. eBay helping Austin retailers enlarge their customer bases brings Austin’s unique creativity to people around the world and helps local artists and craftspeople to transform their ideas into thriving, global businesses.
Steve Adler

Mayor of?Austin

The small business community in Baton Rouge exemplifies the vibrancy of our city. Baton Rouge has growing businesses in every sector, from retail and restaurants to innovative tech companies growing in our incubators. We're excited to work with eBay through Retail Revival.
Sharon Weston Broome

Mayor-President, Baton Rouge, LA

Greensboro is a city of makers. We have small businesses serving our community with everything from art to apparel to technology. We’re proud to have this opportunity to partner with eBay to enhance our businesses and give them the tools they need to grow, compete, and succeed in the market.
Nancy Barakat Vaughan

Mayor of Greensboro

Strong, independent small businesses have always played an important role in our local economy and in shaping our character of place. As Halifax and Nova Scotia are working to embrace the innovation economy, we are proud to have this partnership with eBay Canada.
Mike Savage

Mayor of Halifax Regional Municipality

eBay will provide valuable support to city retailers in the wake of a challenging national retail climate affected changes in consumer behaviour and the economy. It is an exciting programme that will help businesses with their digital marketing and sales skills.
Roger Lawrence

City of Wolverhampton Council Leader, Councillor

The Retail Revival program will allow us to further support the growth of small businesses throughout the city. Lansing’s time is now, and it’s an honor that eBay chose our city as the next leader in local businesses utilizing their online platform.
Andy Schor

Mayor of Lansing

We’re a proud partner with eBay; we’re very excited for them to be here. They’re going to give us the expertise for everyone to be able to compete in a global marketplace.
Dan Horrigan

Mayor of Akron

25 companies from Udmurtia were selected to take part in Export Revival. Our highest bid lays on online promotion of our exporters. Competitive companies would significantly enlarge sales markets by enhancing the target audience hundreds of times.
Alexander Brechalov

Governor of the Udmurt Republic

We welcome such initiatives for the training of small and medium-sized enterprises in the context of the country's digital transformation. Greek companies, using every digital too possible, can open their horizons around the world through e-commerce.
Grigoris Zarifopoulos

Deputy Minister of Digital Governance

Since a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises are already taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the platform for their development and growth, I consider it my duty to strengthen this effort as much as I can.
Giannis Chatzitheodosiou

President of the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen

Regional Programs

eBay works with local city leaders, universities, and others in regions across the world to develop innovative small business programs to address specific retail challenges—always with the mission to scale solutions to benefit retailers in other communities.


Halifax, Nova Scotia, is home to Canada’s first Retail Revival. The program helps local small and medium retailers reach new domestic and global customers through specialized ecommerce training, workshops and support.

Launched in March 2019, in partnership with the Halifax Partnership, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), Nova Scotia Business Inc., and Saint Mary’s University, the program aims to help 59 retailers grow online through eBay.

Halifax, en Nouvelle-écosse, est la première ville canadienne à participer au programme Relance du commerce de détail d’eBay. Ce programme aide les petites et moyennes entreprises à accéder à un bassin de nouveaux clients à l’échelle nationale et internationale grace à un soutien, à des formations et à des ateliers spécialisés en commerce électronique.

Lancé en mars 2019 en collaboration avec Halifax Partnership, l’Agence de promotion économique du Canada atlantique (APECA), Entreprises Nouvelle-écosse Inc. et l’Université Saint Mary’s, le programme vise à aider 59 détaillants à développer leurs activités en ligne sur eBay.

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