Our Philosophy

Our founder Pierre Omidyar, a French-born Iranian-American, started eBay to create economic opportunity by connecting people from widely different backgrounds and geographies. On eBay, sellers with items to offer and buyers seeking to find their version of perfect join together in a global marketplace that is open to all. Diversity and inclusion at eBay goes well beyond a moral necessity–it’s the foundation of our business model and absolutely critical to our ability to thrive in an increasingly competitive global landscape.

An Inclusive Culture for All

Diversity and Inclusion sits at the heart of everything we do at eBay—from how we recruit talent, to the spaces we create for employees to express themselves, and the way we empower small businesses—D&I is woven into the fabric of our business.

The Village that Drives D&I

Meet a few people making a difference at eBay.

Uniting People with a Love of Sneakers

Jeff Chan, eBay’s head of fashion, spent his adolescence immersing himself in the sneaker culture, camping outside shoe stores to see the latest release of collector kicks. He recalls those waiting in the crowd, too—enthusiasts across different generations and backgrounds, all united by a shared admiration for rare sneakers.

In 2019, that?passion for unique footwear is what Jeff and his team?tapped into to bring people from different walks of life to explore eBay’s marketplace to add to their growing sneaker collection. Every morning, they hit the ground running, working with sneaker enthusiasts to help broaden the marketplace shoe inventory and buyer population, especially among members of Generation Z.

“Sneakers are the perfect doorway for us to open up to the greater community of younger kids, from vastly different backgrounds,” he said. “At any sneaker drop, you see so many different buyers of different ages. That, to me, is what eBay can bring onto the platform and how we can continue to be diverse in 2020 and beyond.”

Reaching New Audiences

What does it take to launch a successful end-to-end marketing campaign? For Senior Integrated Marketing Manager Sinan Franklin, an effective marketing strategy relies on the human connection we make with our target audiences.

By diversifying our marketplace, and being intentional with who we target, we surface our brand to new audiences. This year, Sinan and her team partnered with Freeform’s television show "Grown-ish" to engage a younger and more diverse consumer base. The partnership helped to position eBay as a place where young entrepreneurs from all backgrounds can start their own businesses to fund their interests, hobbies and education.

How We Show Up

Inclusive Entrepreneurship at AfroTech

We’re long-time supporters of AfroTech, an annual conference for young entrepreneurs to network, learn and explore career opportunities. In 2019, we partnered with artist?and eBay seller,?Kristen Downing to create custom sneakers to benefit Oakland-based nonprofit, The Hidden Genius Project.

Driving Empathy with Virtual Reality

We partnered with Stanford-based company Praxis Labs to pilot a virtual reality (VR) simulation focused on reducing bias and inequities in the workplace. This experience invited participating employees to learn how to navigate difficult workplace scenarios by walking in someone else’s shoes.

There is a magic across our global platform that is born out of the connections we create—for people from all backgrounds, geographies and beliefs. Using technology to power economic inclusion for all is how we started 25 years ago and it is what will fuel our next 25 years and beyond.
Jamie Iannone, President & CEO
eBay is a company built on empowering people. We want you to know that you are part of our collective community and, within that, opportunities to grow and thrive await you.
Kristin Yetto, SVP & Chief People Officer

Communities of Inclusion

Accessibility?is a community that supports employees and customers who have visible or nonvisible disabilities by ensuring product and employee experiences are accessible for all.

AE2?is a community to support eBay’s employees of Asian descent and their friends by providing opportunities to share and learn from one another.

BEE?is a community that supports and develops employees and customers of African descent.

DESI?is a community that develops, empowers, and supports our employees and customer communities from the Indian subcontinent.

HONOR?is a community that honors employees and customers who have served their country, including friends and family of service members.

UNIDOS?is a community that supports and develops employees and customers of Hispanic or Latinx descent.

United in Pride?is a community that welcomes and celebrates all members of our LGBTQ+ community that work or trade on our marketplace.

Women at eBay?is a community led by women and men at eBay to advance gender diversity and inclusion at eBay.

Young Employee Society?is a community of the young and young-at-heart aimed at sparking innovation within eBay while developing their careers or helping others develop theirs.

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